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Dance classes in Dubai


“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”- Paulo Coelho Learn to enjoy the luxury of being you from the dedicated dancers. Nurture the inborn talent to express your aesthetic feelings and be at the peak of ecstasy when showcased to the world. We introduce a wide range of classical, contemporary and western dance forms.


``The early bird catches the worm``. A small step to develop your soft skills can often make a huge difference in your academics and in future career path. Learn to express confidently and communicate clearly from the expert trainers. Develop the thirst for self- improvement.
Dance classes in Dubai


Routine works will make you tiresome and may find it difficult to cope up with your fast-moving schedules. Job, households, kids and the list of activities keep on increasing and you will be running out of time in managing each area and giving a hectic feel at the end of the day. Try out a few fitness sessions with Emirates Arts Academy. It’s going to change your life!!

Some people are learning to Dance and others are Born to !! What makes the trainers at Emirates Arts Academy different is that they have got their passion and Career the same Which is making wonders inside the academy.


Emirates Arts Academy helped me a lot in my school competitions and programs that I could become a star after joining. Teachers here to be mentioned choreographed various stage programs I could present in the school which in turn got me prizes.

Ann Maria Thomas

Unlike other schools where they teach any specific dance form, here I had a chance to learn from the best trainers in the industry more than one dance form. The trainers are so friendly and helpful that they discover the inner you and make you feel so comfortable.

Niranjana Mohan

Emirates Arts Academy was one of my best choice to send my kid. The changes in him were so visible that he became so lively, fresh and active after each session from being an inactive and silent kid.

Sheela Kurian

Emirates Arts

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We believe that dancers must be versatile in all genres of art forms, therefore exposing a mixture of classical, western, Latin and contemporary styles to the land of heterogenous cultures. So is our thought with music and art, assisting everyone to learn distinct art forms. Rooted in the land of diversity, our institution envisaged to introduce traditional & modern art forms of various nations in UAE.

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contemporary dance classes in Dubai

School Events

In search of creative dancers for your school events? You are at the right destination. We provide advanced training for classical and western dance forms for various school events. Our innovative strategy and unique practices are gone to bowl over the audience.
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Public Events

Meet the flexible and energetic team to organize your events and functions. Our team of highly technical and experienced trainers create wow moment for the gathered populace. Make your event splendid with Emirates Arts Academy.
Corporate Events - Emirates Arts Academy

Corporate Events

Finding out new ways to engage your workforce might be tedious but we at Emirates Ats Academy gives you one stop solution that boost company morale, create a better focused team and promotes creativity.

Our Teachers

Artistic Director - Emirates Arts Academy

Artistic DirectorMr. Kuldeep Singh

Head of fitness - Emirates Arts Academy

Head of fitnessMs. Adra Davis

Head of classical dance - Emirates Arts Academy

Head of classical danceMs. Aswathy


Classical dance instructorMs.Sneha Rajan

Mission & Vision

Mission: Our mission is to be the finest arts centre in UAE to introduce various art genres from popular countries round the globe to the multicultural community in the nation and to fosters the innate skills in every individual.

Vision: Our vision is to provide a unique and creative learning environment for people of all ages to develop their artistic and communication skills and to empower the self-confidence.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

Can't find what you're looking for?

Contemporary dance classes in Dubai

INTRODUCTORY OFFER!!Diverse art forms for all.

Join instantly to get introductory offer and discover the essence of arts with us.
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Extinct Dance Forms – Charkula Dance
August 21, 2019by artsadmin

Extinct Dance Forms – Charkula Dance

According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna’s beloved Radha was born on the third day after holi. To commemorate her birthday the inhabitants of Braj region of Uttar Pradesh perform this dance every year. The native women with colorful outfits move rhythmically to the tunes of Lord Krishna’s songs or ‘rasiyas’.
A short timeline of how dance has evolved over time?
August 21, 2019by artsadmin

A short timeline of how dance has evolved over time?

People have a natural urge to move in time to music. We dance to celebrate an event, for relaxation or pure entertainment. Dance is an important part of many religions and cultures. In the world, many folk dances mark the stages of life, such as birth and death. The Contemporary dance started as early as 20th century when US dancer Isadora Duncan (1878–1927) broke away from ballet and developed her own natural and unique style. Contemporary dance has many different styles. Anybody can dance irrespective of their age or physical fitness. People in wheelchairs can move and spin in time to the music. Those who are immobile can move their hands or heads. Deaf people can feel the vibrations of music and respond.
August 21, 2019by artsadmin

The Healing Power of Dance

Let’s talk a little bit about dance, dance/movement therapy and children’s mental health needs. Dance/Movement therapy is the use of dance and movement to bring about healing and recovery for individuals irrespective of their ages and cultural groups. It is practiced by trained professionals like mental health care professional who specialize in this creative arts therapy.
Revisiting Pioneers of Modern Dance – Part 1
August 21, 2019by artsadmin

Revisiting Pioneers of Modern Dance – Part 1

Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, and Ted Shawn were some of the dancers who rebelled against popular dance forms like ballet and vaudeville, thus introducing the world to Modern Dance forms.

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