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According to Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna’s beloved Radha was born on the third day after holi. To commemorate her birthday the inhabitants of Braj region of Uttar Pradesh perform this dance every year. The native women with colorful outfits move rhythmically to the tunes of Lord Krishna’s songs or ‘rasiyas’.

People have a natural urge to move in time to music. We dance to celebrate an event, for relaxation or pure entertainment. Dance is an important part of many religions and cultures. In the world, many folk dances mark the stages of life, such as birth and death. The Contemporary dance started as early as 20th century when US dancer Isadora Duncan (1878–1927) broke away from ballet and developed her own natural and unique style. Contemporary dance has many different styles. Anybody can dance irrespective of their age or physical fitness. People in wheelchairs can move and spin in time to the music. Those who are immobile can move their hands or heads. Deaf people can feel the vibrations of music and respond.

Let’s talk a little bit about dance, dance/movement therapy and children’s mental health needs. Dance/Movement therapy is the use of dance and movement to bring about healing and recovery for individuals irrespective of their ages and cultural groups. It is practiced by trained professionals like mental health care professional who specialize in this creative arts therapy.

The Zumba program is a Latin inspired, and dance fitness class. Its also known as Zumba fitness party. Its combine with the fast and slow rhythm that use the tone and body using the fitness. The Zumba dance is involves dance and aerobic elements.

According to my experience, method acting is very realistic, but the commercial acting is customized according to the comfort of the viewer. Anybody can become a commercial actor by doing the small acting course and maintaining good physically but to become a method actor, you must learn the science behind it. You must put your soul to learn the methods and terms like, characterization, subtext, situation and many other things. ' Method Acting' is a term you've probably heard more and more frequently in recent years. There is a certain mysticism to it which conjures up images of actors going to bizarre lengths in pursuit of realistic performances. But what is this ' method,' you may well ask, and where have I seen it before? We' re going to unpick what Method Acting means and see how it can be a vital tool in the actor's quest for a truly believable performance.

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