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“When you dance, you can enjoy the luxury of being you.”- Paulo Coelho
Learn to enjoy the luxury of being you from the dedicated dancers. Nurture the inborn talent to express
your aesthetic feelings and be at the peak of ecstasy when showcased to the world. We introduce a
wide range of classical, contemporary and western dance forms to inculcate the artistic skills in
beginners as well as experts. Our dedication to artistic expression and nurturing will open incredible
opportunities to each one of you when engaged with exceptional trainers.

  • Classical Dance
  • Western Dance
Bharatanatyam class in Dubai - emirates Arts Academy


The traditional Indian dance that has been well known as the ‘Mother of Indian Dance’. Theoretical base of Bharatanatyam is associated with ‘Natya Shastra’, the well-known ancient Sanskrit text on Performing. Arts.
Mohiniyattam classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The renowned classical dance form of ‘God’s own country, Kerala.’ The word Mohiniyattam has derived from Mohini – a mythical enchantress avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.
Kuchippudi classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Kuchipudi, the renowned Indian classical dance originated in a village named Kuchipudi in the state of Andra Pradesh. Kuchipudi is also associated with the ancient Hindu text on Performing Arts, Natya Shastra.
Semi classical dance classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy

Semi Classical

Semiclassical, an art form that is performed on any Bhajans and Ghazals with lighter moves and expressions of traditional classical dance forms.
Kathak classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Kathak, the traditional classical dance originated from travelling bards of ancient northern India known as Kathakars or Storytellers. The term Kathak is derived from Sanskrit word Katha and kathakar meaning story and storytellers.
Folk dance in Dubai, Emirates Arts Academy

Folk Dance

The traditional dance form showcased to depict the life of certain people belonging to a distinct region or communities. Folk dances are performed in vernacular languages.
Yakshagana classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The traditional Indian theatre performed in the outskirts of Karnataka and the neighbouring border areas of Kerala especially during the period of Bhakti movement.
Thiruvathirakali classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The traditional Indian dance performed during the Hindu festival ‘Thiruvathira’, the birthday of Lord Siva in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is performed by women who seek blessings for eternal marital bliss.
Margamkali classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The traditional dance form of Kerala Christian communities performed during church feasts and weddings. The theme of the Margam kali song is the miracles of St. Thomas.
Chavittu Nadakam classes in Dubai

Chavittu Nadakam.

The art form of the Latin Christians originated from Gothuruthu, a small village in the state of Kerala. ChavittuNadakam resembles the European Opera. Attractive makeup and European blended costumes are the highlights of ChavittuNadakam.

Kerala Natanam

The new style of classical dance that has originated from Kathakali. Guru Gopinath, an excellent Kathakali artist developed the art form ‘Keralanatanam’ for the common populace to enjoy the essence of Kathakali.
Kathakali classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The traditional classical dance form of Kerala. It is a “story play“ genre of art. The Kathakali performance, like all classical dance arts of India, synthesizes music, vocal performers, choreography, hand and facial gestures together to express ideas.
Tap Dance classes in Dubai

Tap Dance

The style of dance where the dancer performs by using the sound of tap shoes when striking the floor rhythmically as per the music beats. Tap is considered to be originated in the United States of America from various ethnic dances.
Breakdance classes in Duabai - Emirates Arts Academy


Breakdance, an athletic style of street dance with the combination of different movements like toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes, performed usually along with drum, funk, soul music and breakbeat songs.
Tango classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The popular partner dance and social dance that has originated from the Río de la Plata, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay in 1880. Tango is the combination of various folk dances like the German Waltz, Czech Polka, Polish Mazurka, and Bohemian Schottische.
Shiamak classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


A blend of Indo Contemporary and Modern steps with a strong Ballet grounding and performance-based visuals, started by the famous Indian choreographer and dance guru, Shiamak Davar.
Reggaeton classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The form of fun and free-spirited style of dance popular in nightclubs and parties that have originated in late 1990 in Puerto Rico.
Belly Dance classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy

Belly Dance

Originated from Egypt, the expressive Arabic dance is the complex movements of the torso.
Bachata classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The type of social dance considered to be originated from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Bachata dance sequence is performed in a full 8-count moving within a square that has three steps.
Jive classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Jive is a form of swing dance that originated from the United States in the early 1930s. Jive is one of the most popular International Latin Dances.
Cha-cha-cha classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


The Latin dance form originated in Cuba by the influence of Africans in 1950. The highlights of Cha-cha-cha dance is liveliness and energetic performance, really out of the world.
Disco classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Disco, the dance form associated with Disco music, music with strong rising vocals over a steady beat and bass that has evolved in the 1960s due to the high popularity of Rock music.
Samba classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Originated in Brazil in the 19th century, samba owes its rhythm and moves to the African slave dance. Partner samba is one of the most popular art forms of Latin dances in ballroom competitions.
Fox Trot classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy

Fox Trot

The foxtrot is a smooth, progressive dance characterized by long, continuous flowing movements across the dance floor.
Waltz classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Waltz, the ballroom dance that has been originated from the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria.
Quickstep classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


A quickstep is a light-hearted form of standard ballroom dance. The movements of Quicksteps are fast and powerfully flowing with syncopations.
Rumba classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy


Rumba is a sassy Latin form of ballroom dance that is closely associated with various dance forms popular in Cuba, like the guaracha, the Cuban bolero, the Cuban son, and the rural rumba.
Paso Doble classes in Dubai - Emirates Arts Academy

Paso Doble

The dance form originated in Spanish, featuring a quick, quick, staccato steps of dramatic shaping of the body.

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