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Public Events - Emirates Arts Academy

Public Events

Dancing elevates your consciousness and it helps you to express yourself.

Meet the flexible and energetic team to organize your events and functions for entertainment and to develop community cohesion Our team of highly technical and experienced dancers create wow moment for the gathered populace. Make your event splendid with Emirates Arts Academy.

School events

In search of creative dancers for your school events? You are at the right destination. We provide advanced training for classical and western dance forms for various school events. Our innovative strategy and unique practices are gone to bowl over the audience.

Making kids perform become easy when you have chosen the right people-The right choreographers. We help you to make your school events stand out from the rest by giving you the best.

School Events - Emirates Arts Academy
Corporate Events - Emirates Arts Academy

Corporate Events

Are you planning to bring people together in a new way and develop interpersonal relationships that may not exist in a day to day office environment? Here we are to help you out.

We give workshops and conduct events to increase the mental and physical capacity of the employees in an organization. Give a day to the employees to resume back their passion and discover the essence of dance with their expressions. Giving a break with some music and dance moves help them become more physically active and mentally sharp.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

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