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Corporate Events

Are you looking to engage your employees in new ways? What to think when there is a healthy way to engage and empower them.
Corporate Events - Emirates Arts Academy

Have you felt that your time limitations make you believe that you cannot exercise? Or do you feel your employees need a healthy get away? You have come to the right destination. It is always a vice decision to take a break from the busy life and care your health and fitness, professional trainers at Emirates Arts Academy take care of this by giving you fitness sessions and tips on your health.

Did You Know: Zumba helps your body get rid of toxins through sweating thereby bringing even complexion and better skin tone. You will also look much younger with reduced inches.

School Events

In search of fitness trainers for school events? You are at the right destination.Our expert team provides the finest customized services for your fitness necessities in schools.
School Events - Emirates Arts Academy

Giving children an option to jump,dance,shake and swing their hips give the perfect combination towards a healthy and fit environment in school. Zumba helps kids to overcome fears, gain coordination, learn about teamwork and much more.
The innovative strategy and unique practices are designed to make the students healthy and energetic.

Public Events

Meet the flexible and energetic team to organize your events and functions related to body health fitness. Our team of highly technical and experienced crew creates wow moment for the gathered populace.
Public Events - Emirates Arts Academy

Are you planning to bring people together in a new way and develop interpersonal relationships? Here we are to help you out. The need of fitness and health is something that you should never leave behind. Who will say no when there is music and dance moves that benefits your mind and body!

Did You Know: According to Health Status, a 150-pound person can burn approximately 540 calories performing one hour of Zumba — more than you would burn jogging for an hour.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

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