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” It was a pleasure to learn from an excellency like Mr. Kuldeep Singh. He is a man who is blessed with a lot of creativity and brings something fresh in every work he does. “
Ramneek Kaur

” A good dancer, a brilliant actor, Awesome writer, speaker, and a wonderful human being who understands each student’s need and attention required for them. It was indeed a blessing to work with him. “
Vandit Jain

” The best thing about Kuldeep is that he knows when to be strict and when to be friendly. A motivating and kindhearted person who is to the point and professional. “
Nivant Gupta

” Undoubtedly Mr. Kuldeep is a great artist and a brilliant teacher. His passion towards his choice of career makes him connect with each student and establish a relationship with everyone in an equal basis. “
Shagun Kaushal

Develop the thirst for self- improvement.Momentum

``The early bird catches the worm``
A small step to develop your soft skills can often make a huge difference in your academics and in future career path. Learn to express confidently and communicate clearly from the expert trainers. Develop the thirst for self-improvement.
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  • Communication

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Personal and Career Planning

Our Courses

Our Courses

Personality Enhancing Programs

Get trained from us to develop better outlook towards your life. Start the training from the early age for self-inspiration and to make others inspired. Personality enhancing programs make you stand out of the crowd.

Abacus Training

Abacus, a special development program to improve the potentiality of your kid's brain. Abacus training helps to improve the functionality of left and right brain thereby maximizing the ability to learn.

Motivational Program

Never be a pressurizing parent, rather help your kids to do their best. Motivate kids to foster their high - end dreams. We provide training programs to develop soft skills and perseverance in following future..

Board Games

Take a break from mobiles! It's time to get your kids out from behind the screen and get them engaged with real time entertainment. Develop the interest in playing board games such as chess, Chutes and Ladder, Monopoly etc. We care for your kid’s physical and mental well-being.

Public Speaking

Are you nervous in expressing before a large audience? The success of any communication lies in the conviction of audience. Improve your public speaking skills and build confidence with our advanced sessions.


Delve deep into distinct literary forms through the artistic expressions. We offer customized sessions for beginners and experts of all ages. Learn the techniques from advanced trainers to master the art of theatre.

Our Services

Quality of our service is what a student gets out of it.
Public Events - Emirates Arts Academy
Public Events
Meet the flexible and energetic team to organize your soft skill development workshops and events. Our team of highly technical and experienced crew create wow moment for the gathered populace. Make your event splendid with Emirates Arts Academy.
School Events - Emirates Arts Academy
School Events
Our experienced trainers provide ample techniques to improve the confidence and communication skills of your students. Our innovative strategy and unique practices are gone to bowl over the students.
Corporate Events - Emirates Arts Academy
Corporate Events
Training and development programs will support the organization on its defined strategic path. The trainers at Emirates Arts Academy come up with interesting and fun filled activities that fill the skill gaps of your employees.

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