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DANCE & SOFT SKILLSMr. Kuldeep Singh

``Creating a learning environment to nurture the confidence and creative potential of every individual, whether a beginner or an expert.``

Mr. Kuldeep Singh, the Artistic Director of Emirates Arts Academy is passionate about performing arts and is enthusiastic in bringing innovative modification in theatre and various dance forms. After graduation, he joined the Film and Television Institute of India to master in acting and performing skills. Kuldeep has worked for more than six tele -serials with popular broadcasters like Sony, Star Plus, Zee Tv. He worked as Performing Arts Facilitator and Choreographer with esteemed educational institutions in UAE and in India.

It all started with his magical performance.
Dance is my passion and I really work harder to explore the unexplored. During my school days, I started choreography for our own school events and for outside programs.
Even though I had worked deeply for many events, the most fascinating one was the state level Dance championship, the Dancing star of Punjab in 2013.
When started my career as a performing arts facilitator in schools in Dubai, the greatest challenge was reducing the gap between academics and arts. A really challenging task!
Apart from the routine syllabus, I myself took the initiative to increase the student and parental involvement in Performing arts and literacy. Any testimonials of parent: Kuldeep is a dedicated and highly influencing educator. The way he transformed my son is incredible, from an introvert to super active kid.
In every one’s work life, there would be some incidents that have really touched them. For me it was when I worked for students with special needs. They are talented and amazing. The way you nurture their skills is what matters the most.
I love to teach dance, theatre and soft skills and to nurture the skills in every child. That’s my passion and that’s me.

A new approach to the art of teaching……. Come learn with Kuldeep

It was a pleasure to learn from an excellency like Mr. Kuldeep Singh. He is a man who is blessed with a lot of creativity and brings something fresh in every work he does.

StudentRamneek Kaur

The best thing about Kuldeep is that he knows when to be strict and when to be friendly. A motivating and kindhearted person who is to the point and professional.

StudentNivant Gupta

A good dancer, a brilliant actor, Awesome writer, speaker, and a wonderful human being who understands each student’s need and attention required for them. It was indeed a blessing to work with him.

StudentVandit Jain

Undoubtedly Mr. Kuldeep is a great artist and a brilliant teacher. His passion towards his choice of
career makes him connect with each student and establish a relationship with everyone in an equal

StudentShagun Kaushal


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